10 Best Things About Being an Oncology Nurse

10 Best Things About Being an Oncology Nurse

Nurses generally take up the profession for altruistic reasons; a selfless concern for other people and their wellbeing. This article looks at 10 reasons why oncology nurses love their job, and wouldn’t swap it for any other.

1. Helping Patients Through Their First Day

Cancer patients often struggle to reconcile what’s happening to them, and the first day of treatment is stressful. A source of satisfaction for oncology nurses is to help patients through this terrifying early stage, and show them that, often, the treatment is not as bad as they expected.

2. Making Little Differences

People suffering from cancer tend to be focused on the present, and they notice acts of kindness that might have otherwise escaped their attention. For oncology nurses, helping patients with the minor details of their daily lives is hugely rewarding.

3. Bonding with People

Like other nurses, oncology nurses get to meet a lot of people, including the friends and family of cancer sufferers. Sometimes these connections are made through the direst of circumstances, but they’re vital to all those affected. Meeting and helping all types of people is an essential part of the job.

4. Perspective

Oncology nurses have a clear view of what’s important in life and what isn’t. They live their lives differently because of their job, and they’re constantly inspired by the people they treat, and sometimes lose. The transience and beauty of life are ever apparent to them.

5. Stylish Clothes

Okay, so they’re not that stylish, but there’s a certain amount of justified pride in donning the day-to-day nurse’s uniform. Whether it’s the flat-soled utilitarian shoes or the plain-coloured scrubs (medical clothing), it all identifies oncology nurses and others, as being part of a special team.

6. Miraculous Recoveries

In a job that is often tinged with abject sadness, every now and again oncology nurses see people pull through their illness against all the odds. Nothing gives them a greater feeling of pleasure than to be visited by former cancer sufferers; people that they played a role in saving.

7. Regular Hours

Although many nurses work long, unsocial hours, some cancer treatment is carried out on an outpatient basis. This enables oncology nurses to work regular 9-5 office hours, (or thereabouts), occasionally. As a result, they can choose to spend more time with loved ones or socialising with friends.

8. Travel About

Some oncology nurses work “in the field,” and treat patients in their homes. They get to travel about and become a valuable part of a community. Nurses do a great job in helping people to be comfortable in familiar surroundings.

9. Relaying Information

Patients are often keen to know all the details of their illness, so that they may face it without ignorance. Oncology nurses play a vital role in keeping them informed and allaying any irrational fears they may have.

10. Further Opportunities

Oncology nurses have a valuable role to play in teaching their job to future generations, as the demand for cancer treatment grows. The possibility of lecturing exists for experienced nurses.