Using a Soap Dispenser to Maintain Hygiene During Oncology Nursing Seminars

Using a Soap Dispenser to Maintain Hygiene During Oncology Nursing Seminars

Covid or no Covid, hygiene needs to be a top priority in public or social places, whether it is business premises or any other place where traffic is the order of the day. Thus, during public events such as oncology nursing seminars, it is crucial for attendees to wash and sanitize their hands so as to maintain high hygiene standards. Typically, such seminars pull people from various different walks of life, and these people will definitely visit a washroom, with some even doing so multiple times a day. That said, it is sad that a soap dispenser, which is key to washroom hygiene, has been an unsung hero for many decades (that perhaps changed when Covid- 19 came).

As humble as this equipment is, it has all it takes to prevent bacteria and germ transmission, which reduces the chances of diseases and infections significantly. If you are holding or attending an oncology nursing seminar, especially during the colder months (that is when germs and flu thrive most), the significance of a soap dispenser during such an events can’t be overemphasized. Having it hanged on the walls of the washrooms where the seminar is taking place will encourage people to sanitize and help them appreciate the importance of maintaining hygiene.

Finding a Soap Dispenser

This has never been an easy task, given that there are thousands of soap dispensers in on the market today. And, every seller out there talks good of their commodity in a bid to have people buy it. That being the case, you should never attempt buying a soap dispenser whose quality you don’t know lest you risk losing value for your money. A good place to start is Royal Design. A soap dispenser from Royal Design can either be automatic or manual, and they are available in various different capacities to suit every purpose.

Automatic soap dispenser: A favorite for many buyers, this type of dispenser comes with a sensor, which enables it to automatically dispense soap without your help; it is a battery powered equipment. You simply place your hand beneath the nozzle and the liquid soap will fall on it. This way, the chances of cross contamination are significantly reduced. It doesn’t matter how many people will be attending the seminar, there are almost zero chances germ transmission. As long as there are spare batteries on standby just in case the batteries run out, this dispenser can serve a seminar, no matter how long it is running.

Manual soap dispenser: This one needs your help as it comes with a button which you need to push gently for the soap to be dispensed. While it is not at the same level with its automatic counterpart as far as preventing cross-contamination is concerned, a manual soap dispenser, especially one from Royal Design, still does the job quite well. One advantage of this dispenser is that it doesn’t need batteries to work.