What is the UK Oncology Nursing Society About?

What is the UK Oncology Nursing Society About?

The UK Oncology Nursing Society is responsible for administering anti-cancer therapies to cancer patients. It has also introduced a competency training passport. It is also known as SACT which is a competency passport for the safe handling and administration of systemic anti-cancer Therapy. There are three components to achieving the SACT Passport.

The first component is completing relevant theoretical sections. The second component is completing relevant clinical practice competency sections. The third component is completing the annual reaccreditation certificate. SACT will standardize knowledge and safe training for oncology nurses in the UK.

Once nurses have their training passport they are able to transfer to any medical facility without having to be re-trained which saves time and money allowing patients to receive treatment without any delays that additional training/re-training would disrupt. SACT treatments can create a lot of stress and anxiety for patients and their families but knowing these Oncology nurses have received the very best training can aid to keep them a little more at ease.

SACT patients will directly benefit from these highly qualified nurses. Handling anti-cancer substances can be very dangerous to nurses and patients, so the safe handling training is of the utmost importance as part of the training passport.

It just goes to show how a society like this is so important in the field of cancer medicine. Cancer is a disease that can strike anyone at any age. While research and the general cancer care that is offered is so important, so are organizations like this.