What Difference Does the Oncology Nurse Make to the Patient?

What Difference Does the Oncology Nurse Make to the Patient?

Nursing is a profession that is comprised of many different categories. All of which are very important. Among these are the oncology nurses.

What is an Oncology Nurse?

The Oncology nurse is a nurse that has specialized in providing care to patients who have been diagnosed with cancer. It is a section of nursing that requires extra training and education. It is also one that puts a great deal of emphasis on them staying in touch with the latest advancements in oncology medicine. These nurses use different resources for this, such as extra courses and attending important seminars. Particularly seminars that have a focus on oncology medicine.

Specialty Roles for Oncology Nurses

Within this category of nursing oncology nurses can take on speciality roles such as;

  • General oncology nursing: These nurses often work in cancer care clinics within a hospital setting.
  • Hospice Oncology care: These oncology nurses have dedicated themselves to providing end of life care for patients with cancer.
  • Oncology Treatment Nurses: The nurses that fill this role are often the ones that administer the ongoing treatment using drugs such as chemotherapy.

How Important is the Oncology Nurse to the Patient?

Individuals that are battling cancer usually have many different types of health care providers. They need to know that they can reach out to health care providers like kry medical resources and take advantage of what they have to offer. Most often their major source of contact is the oncology nurses that are involved in their care.

How Do Oncology Nurses Support Their Patients?

With the critical role that oncology nurses fill in the lives of their patients there can be no room for nursing shortages in this particular field of medicine.

These nurses support their patients in a variety of different ways.

  • Keeping the Patient Informed: One of the most frightening aspects about having cancer is not being kept informed. Patients are concerned about the type of treatment that is being used to treat their cancer. They worry about the side effects. It is the fear of the unknown. The oncology nurse plays a big role in helping to eliminate this fear. These nurses will take the time to explain what the treatment is and how to deal with any potential side effects.
  • Understanding the Mood Swings. Cancer patients deal with a whole gambit of emotions as they go through the different stages of their cancer. Some days they are short tempered. Other days they may be depressed and tearful. The oncology nurse is trained to recognize these mood swings and is able to help patients deal with them. Sometimes it is just a matter of the patient knowing that their nurse understands.
  • A Sounding Board: Perhaps one of the most important roles is just being there to listen to the patients’ fears and concerns. Ones that they often cannot share with their families.