What Do Oncology Nurses Have to Consider with this Profession?

What Do Oncology Nurses Have to Consider with this Profession?

Any nurse that has decided to specialize in oncology has done so for their own reasons. Some make the decision to do so because they want to specialize in just one form of nursing. Others choose to do so because they may have had to deal with cancer with a family member. Others feel that this is the field of medicine where they feel the most needed.

Once a nurse has decided to enter into this category of medicine there are many sub-categories within it that they may want to dedicate themselves to. Some want to specialize in the various treatments that are affiliated with cancer. These include chemotherapy and radiation.

There are some that feel that they are most needed and best suited for end of life care but this requires additional experience.

Some cancer patients become terminally ill and are fully aware that they are not going to be able to beat this disease. They may be told this by their health care providers, or are just sense this. THis can happen in the early stages before the cancer has caused them to be bedridden or incoherent in some cases. During this period of time, they go through many emotions.

The oncology nurse who is able to be part of the terminally ill patient’s healthcare can be really helpful in helping the patient deal with these emotions. Then there are extra responsibilities that the nurse providing this care will have to take on as the patient reaches the end of life stage.

This is just one area of cancer care that an oncology nurse has to consider. If one is going to take on this responsibility then the nurses themselves need as much support as they can get. One of the resources that are available to them is seminars.

Just attending a seminar often gives an oncology nurse a break from the environment they are exposed to. It can also be a learning tool to help them deal with not only the end of life care but the other challenges they face in this particular career.

Oncology nurses also have to consider that they need extended education and they want to be sure that this the right choice of medicine for them to practice. It is not uncommon for nurses to take the extra training needed for oncology medicine then find out that it really is not the best choice for them.

Time should be taken and the proper research should be done to determine what considerations have to be given when making this kind of decision. There is a big demand for oncology nurses but this should not be the sole reason for entering into this field of medicine.