Clothing in Oncology Nursing: Why Is It So Important?

Clothing in Oncology Nursing: Why Is It So Important?

Nursing, in general, requires very specific clothing. A nurse, when caring for a patient, cannot have just any clothes. This is an even more significant reality in caring for oncology patients, who often require isolation because they are prone to contracting a greater number of infections.

However, the extreme hygiene, disinfection, and sanitation of a nurse’s clothing must be combined with their comfort, as this clothing must be worn for many hours at a time. If it is uncomfortable, it will harm the work’s effectiveness. So why is it so important?

Guaranteeing Biosafety

Biosafety is the essential guarantee in the use of clothing for oncology nurses. Patients need to be as safe as possible from any external threat, and the nurse must also protect himself or herself. That is why a cap, gown, pants, shoes, and sometimes a mask and face shields are necessary.

Comfort, From Head to Toe

The other most crucial element is comfort. A nurse usually works 8 or 12 consecutive hours a day, so he or she needs to be comfortable. That’s why stores like sell clothing such as sneakers that can be worn for maximum foot comfort.

Also, it will be necessary to have comfortable uniforms, where pants and shirts are loose. This way, an oncology nurse can look and work efficiently by having safe and comfortable clothing.