UK Oncology Nursing in Paedatrics

UK Oncology Nursing in Paedatrics

It takes a very special individual to become an oncology nurse. Patients that are battling cancer often have a long journey ahead of them and it is the oncology nurse that provides a good deal of help and support for them along the way.

This type of nursing takes a lot of dedication but there are some who take it a step further and enter into oncology paediatrics which creates an even greater level of commitment on behalf of the nurse.

These nurses have to deal with the pain and suffering that the children are experiencing. Yet, they must remain strong and supportive. This takes extra will power, resources and training to be able to achieve this. Nurses that are in this field of medicine can rely heaviliy on seminars that are related to this type of nursing to help broaden their knowledge and to give them the encouragement they need to keep practicing this type of medicine.

While it is a hard field of medicine to be in, it is also a rewarding one when they get to witness those patients who end up cancer free and are able to return home.