Avoiding the Stress on the Oncology and Nursing Professions

Avoiding the Stress on the Oncology and Nursing Professions

There is no doubt that oncology and nursing is a worthwhile career where you can get great satisfaction and patient feedback from your endeavors. Although sometimes involved in end-of-life care, the rewards from knowing that you made a patient’s last days precious are immensely gratifying. However, please bear in mind that the work involves substantial training commitments, and often the attendance at seminars as new advancements and treatments for cancer arise in the medical profession.

This, coupled with long, arduous shifts, means that this area of work would not suit everybody. Many introductory seminars are held to make sure future health professionals are aware of what the job entails. If you decide to go down this route, you will need a form of stress release, and one of the most popular pursuits that can help you to unwind is the cultivation of houseplants. This is where the planta app can be of assistance to you.

What is Planta?

Planta is an app that provides you with the knowledge to be successful in growing and caring for all manner of houseplants. Whatever species you prefer, be it cacti, spider plants, flowering plants, or herbs, then Planta can give you the knowledge to succeed in your quest. There is nothing more relaxing after a strenuous day looking after oncology patients or attending vital training sessions and lectures. This hobby can provide you with luscious greenery and flowers to decorate your home, conservatory, or glasshouse. What could be better than taking a simple cutting or planting some seeds and watching your new creations thrive in your home environment?

Why Choose Planta?

With a motto of “never kill another plant,” Planta guides you through every stage of cultivation and aftercare. The features of the app include:

  • Dr. Planta: A complete guide to any disease or disorder that could strike your houseplants. Identify what is wrong and how to solve the problem.
  • Plant identification: If you have a plant and are not sure what species it is, you can scan the details, and Planta will tell you what variety and genus it is.
  • Plant database: A vast, informative database about how to care for a whole variety of plants. The app lets you add your own notes to form a handy reference guide.
  • Plant care: Here, you can organize your plants into groups and obtain individual care schedules for each species.
  • Automatic reminders: Once you have identified the plant and entered it into the database, you will receive handy reminders about when to feed, mist, or repot your houseplants.
  • Light Meter: This valuable part of the app can be used to check the light intensity in any location so that you can be sure your precious possession can be located in the perfect place according to its genus.


Much as oncology and nursing is a worthwhile career then so Planta can provide you with everything you need to cultivate houseplants. As a form of stress-buster, this hobby comes highly recommended.