Dealing with Turnover of Staff in the Oncology Industry

Dealing with Turnover of Staff in the Oncology Industry

Oncology is a very specialized branch of medicine and is not for everyone. It can be distressing having to deal with patients and relatives who are affected by the life-threatening condition of cancer. Specialist nurses are much in demand, but the turnover of staff can be a problem, with people leaving the industry daily. Those who run nursing agencies may find it challenging to keep track of their employees.

Using Contract Management Software

If you are the owner of a nursing agency, you will undoubtedly benefit from easy to use contract management software that takes away the threat of human error. It can be challenging to keep on top of employment contracts if you have a high staff turnover. By using software from the renowned company of Precisely, many problems are eliminated. Not least of which is not needing to store paperwork, as all your information is kept in a cloud-based repository.

Drawing up Contracts

Your nursing staff needs to agree to legally binding contracts, and it can be tedious to keep re-writing these over and over again. The Precisely platform allows you to create a variety of templates that can quickly be accessed as required. You can be assured the wording is correct, and the contracts can even be signed electronically, which speeds up the process of hiring staff. In fact, it is so efficient that you can even delegate this task to administration staff.

Monitoring the Contracts

As an agency, it is likely that you hire your oncology nurses on a temporary basis. It is possible to not realize when a contract is about to expire, and you may lose a valued member of staff. By using precisely, you can set reminders to alert you when a contract is coming up for renewal. That way, you will have plenty of time to evaluate your employee’s work standards and decide whether to offer further employment or terminate their contract.

Safety and Security

Keeping an employee’s personal details safe and secure is always a concern, but thanks to Precisely contract management software, you will not need to lock information away in a filing cabinet. Their cloud-based storage system is fully encrypted to the same high level as that used by governments and banks. The files are continuously backed up and held in various data centers, so you needn’t worry about losing anything if a server goes down. Precisely software really does offer an all-encompassing solution to the problem of dealing with high staff turnover in the oncology industry.