What are Oncology Nurses?

What are Oncology Nurses?

Oncology nurses are nurses that specialize in the care of cancer patients These nurses are required to obtain advanced certifications and require extensive clinical experiences in oncology. Advanced certifications are valid for 4 years. Oncology nurses often serve as the first line of communication for cancer patients through the coordination of treatments.

Nurses specializing in the care of cancer patients also administer medications, fluids and chemotherapy treatments. These”nurses must also have an RN license and a Masters Degree or higher in nursing. A minimum of 500 hours of supervised clinical practice in oncology nursing is also required.

These nurses also care for cancer patients to meet their needs from the time they are diagnosed through different screening methods. The oncology nurses also manage preventative practices, aid their patients in managing their symptoms to ensure they live their life as normal as possible. Oncology nurses also provide palliative care to ensure their patients are kept comfortable until the end of their life.

This type of nursing can be one of the most challenging and rewarding fields in medical care. Oncology nurses help patients cope with one of the most difficult and intimate experiences in life. Oncology nurses are healers and helpers and are always right by your side.

Although there are perhaps more challenges that come with this type of nursing, it also comes with many rewards too. Many of the cancer patients being cared for by oncology nurses survive and become cancer free. It is these patients that make it all worthwhile for these dedicated nurses. At the same time, they are most happy when they can improve the quality of life for those patients that are terminally ill with cancer.