Speciality Training for Oncology Nurses in the UK

Speciality Training for Oncology Nurses in the UK

Oncology nurses in the UK have to go through additional nurses training that is extensive. Within the realm of cancer nursing, there are many subcategories. One of these is chemotherapy and extra training for this is necessary.

Chemotherapy is comprised of treatments that often include various types of drugs. The chemotherapy nurse has to be well versed in these chemicals. They are often required to mix them in the proper dosages required. Then they may have to administer them to the patients as well. In many cases, the patients have to be monitored during the course of the treatment particularly if it is being administered through IV.

One of the added responsibilities that come with this type of speciality nursing for an oncology nurse is knowing what the potential side effects may be for the patient receiving the treatment. The nurse has to know how to deal with these should an event occur.

This field of cancer medicine can be especially stressful. It adds an extra burden on the nurse who is going to specialize in it. The speciality training for oncology nurses helps them to prepare for this.