UK Oncology Nurses Dealing with Pallliative Care Responsibilities

UK Oncology Nurses Dealing with Pallliative Care Responsibilities

When it comes to cancer there are many patients that are able to be successfully treated. Then there are others that become terminally ill with it. In either case, much of their support comes from the oncology nurses that dedicate themselves to this category of medicine.

Some nurses that go into this field of medicine choose to work on the cancer treatment wards of the hospital. In these wards, it can be a mix of patients that are going through various treatments to help fight the type of cancer that patients present with.

Other nurses opt to make their career in cancer nursing by caring for patients that have become terminally ill with cancer. They may carry out their duties in the palliative care wards of the hospital. For these nurses, their responsibilities are different than in the other conditions.

These nurses have to have compassion and be able to deal with the fears of not only the patients but the families of patients as well. One of the big responsbilities for these oncology nurses is pain control and keeping the patient comfortable. This is emotionally draining for these nurses.